Experience a taste of how pro goaltenders practice, train, think, and act, to get to the top of their game. The Goalie Training Institute was designed to provide goaltenders with the personalized support, instruction and professional resources they need to accelerate development and become successful.

With a depth of knowledge that only comes from years of experience, GTI has developed a proven system to help goaltenders of all ages learn to become the best goaltenders they can possibly be.



Our philosophy is simple, we believe in developing our goalies “the right way.” We believe in progressive skill development to help goalies build a strong foundation and understanding of how to consistently use all the tools available.

Periodized Development Structure

When we started to design and create our Development Structure, we wanted it to be something unlike any other Goalie School.

We turned to the Strength Training field for inspiration and have created a Periodized, 4 Phase Development Platform which allows our students to develop their skills year round with a dedicated plan structured to their individual needs based on the time of year and skill set.

This is our foundation and it not only sets GTI apart, it provides the guidelines under which our students train and develop.

Summer Development Program

This is a 3 month program with weekly lessons running from June through August.

Out of the full year, the summer is the most important part of a goalies development. We have the most time to analyze, breakdown and build up foundational elements to allow our athletes to take the next step in their progression. Whether it is a change in stance, hand positioning or a focus on balance and skating/ edge work. We are able to take our time in the summer to properly work on these aspects.

Gradually increasing intensity, difficulty and game situational application of the drills to ensure by the time summer comes to an end, our goaltenders have made the necessary changes and skill improvements to be at mid-season form right at the start of the season.

In-Season Phase 1

From September to December our program focuses in on In-Season, Game Situational and Skill Maintenance. Our lessons have game-play focused, situational aspect built into them. We want our athletes to feel confidant from practice to game, game to practice.

We make sure that all aspects of the goalie summer training is being continually addressed while running them through game situational scenarios. Allowing them to make adjustments, try different techniques and establish a solid, confident game planning and winning mindset.

In-Season Phase 2

From January to mid-March we continue our focus on the small in-game adjustments needed for a goalie to be successful. Our drills shift to have a more PlayOff situation focus (screens, backdoor, multi-save calmness, game management). We work on addressing the pressure that comes with the playoff push and all the way to a Championship.

The intensity gets dialled up, and the attention to details and consistency are key aspects. All while building our goalies confidence in their game. Confidence in ones game should be highest at this time of the season.

Spring Development Program

We conclude our 4 Phase year program with our Spring Tune-Up Program (April-May).

This is our shortest phase of the 4. In this phase we evaluate our students year long development and start to gauge and create their development plan for the coming year.
Lessons are structured towards these evaluations as well as continuing an emphasis on consistency and confidence.

We understand that many of our students will be playing on spring teams and gearing up for spring tryouts and make sure that they are staying sharp and ready during this period.


  • Effective net management
  • Advanced edgework & footwork
  • Challenging game-like drills
  • Focus and visualization methods
  • Elite puck handling strategies
  • Tips, screens & deflections
  • Advanced rebound control
  • Proper execution of VH & RVH
  • Video analysis

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